Last year, the bookfair collective received more than 50 workshop proposals, of which we could only accept twenty-one (due to space limitations). We invite you to send your proposals again this year, keeping in mind the following guidelines:

* Proposals for the Day of Workshops (Sunday) should address an anarchist-themed topic in some depth, and should be intended for people who are already familiar with anarchism, or might identify as anarchists. The collective will accept between 10 to 15 workshops.

* Workshop proposals for the bookfair day (Saturday) should be introductory workshops to anarchism, or an aspect of anarchism, and should be aimed at people who are curious about, or new to, anarchist ideas. These workshops should be accessible to non-anarchists. The collective will accept 6 introductory workshops.

* Workshops can be proposed to take place in French, English or another language, but the bookfair collective will ensure that at least half of all workshops are in French-only. The bookfair collective will organize whisper translation into English and French for all workshops.

* The bookfair collective will strive to have at least one-half of all workshops presented by people who identify as women.

* The bookfair collective especially encourages workshop proposals by individuals who identify as women, indigenous, people of colour, working class, poor, people with disabilities, trans and/or queer.

* Please consult the bookfair principles, which guide the organizing of the bookfair as an event, including workshop selection. The principles are available at:

* We have also included below the workshops that have been accepted in the previous three years. We indicate these topics to provide individuals proposing workshops with an idea of the kinds of workshops that have been accepted in the past (and might be accepted again) and to indicate the workshop topics that have yet to be proposed for consideration by the collective at:


1. Provide a title for your workshop. Choose a title that is self-explanatory.
2. Identify whether your workshop is for Saturday (intro) or Sunday (in-depth).
3. Provide a short (75 words max.) description of your workshop.
4. Provide a one-line description of the individual or group presenting the workshop. If you are proposing a panel, please provide a one-line biography for each participant.
5. Provide a longer description -- as long as you need - to describe your proposal. This longer description will be read by the bookfair collective to help us decide which proposals to accept.
6. Indicate any audio-visual or space needs in your proposal.
7. Indicate if your attendance is contingent on funding. Our funding is very limited, but in the past, on rare occasions, we have considered funding out-of-town speakers, in certain cases.
8. Provide a contact e-mail AND phone number.

Keep in mind that your title, short workshop description and one-line biography will be used for publicity purposes if your workshop is chosen, so please provide clear and explanatory descriptions. Keep in mind too that workshops can be no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The DEADLINE for all workshop proposals submitted by e-mail to is: February 15, 2006 (no exceptions).

Alternatively, proposals can be mailed to: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, 1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 204, Montréal, Québec, H3G 1N1, CANADUH. The DEADLINE for mailed proposals is February 1, 2006 (post-mark).

- The History of Anarchism in Quebec
- An Introduction to Anarchism and its Aspirations
- Introduction to the History of Anarchists in Revolutions
- Demanding the Impossible: The Theory, Practice and Relevance of Anarchism
- Anarchism and De-schooling: Getting Society out of School
- Earth and Freedom: The Eco-Anarchist Perspective
- Affinity Groups: A Method of Anarchist Action
- Daniel Guerin: A Century of Struggle
- Panel: Solidarity Across Borders: Autonomous Organizing against Canadian Apartheid
- Anarcho-Surrealism in Canada
- Anarchism and Traditional Iroquois Culture
- The Anarchist Press in Quebec (1976-2001)
- Bringing Down the Prison Industrial Complex
- Anarchists Radicalizing Their Workplace
- Anarchy in Practice: Confronting Borders, States and Apartheid
- (Anti-)Capitalist Globalization
- Anarchist Workers' Cooperatives And Revolutionary Propaganda
- Panel: Anarchists in the Social Movements Against Charest
- Anarchist People of Colour Discussion and Strategy Workshop
- Security Culture 101
- Self-determination versus the Nation-state

- Deschooling: Getting society out of school
- Twenty-First Century Anarchisms
- Building an Anarchist Movement: Lessons Past and Present
- An Introduction to Anarcho-Communism
- The History of Anarchism in Quebec
- Anarchism Also Means Organization: A look at the methods of anarchist organization
- Cogitateurs Agitateurs: Free Information
- The Environment: Neither for, nor against!
- Fight or Walk: Anarchists in the struggle for public transportation
- From Sacco & Vanzetti to the Patriot Act: Breaking the enclosing fascist circles
- A History & Self-Criticism of the Vancouver Squeegee Council
- Feminism and the anti-patriarchal struggle in the anarchist milieu
- The Anarchist Black Cross and Political Prisoner Support
- Building a "Canadian" Decolonization Movement: The Practice of Active Solidarity & Mutual Self-determination
- Fighting unionism as a practice for
- History of Struggle: A guided tour of Montreal's Southwest
- Anarchist Organization
- Another Take on Direct Action: the PASC in Colombia, from macro-economy to active participation in peasant civil resistance
- Anarchy On Your Plate: Challenging Industrial Food Production
- Anarchism, Power and Borders: Fighting capitalism, patriarchy and imperialism in immigration policies and in our own movements
- Politicize Yer Pride: Tactics and Strategy for Queer Anarchists