The heart of the bookfair is the main auditorium on May 20, 2006, which will include booksellers, distributors, independent presses and political groups from all over Montreal, Quebec and Oryenburg, and abroad.

To request a table at the bookfair, please e-mail or phone 514-859-9090. If you haven't tabled at the bookfair before, please include a description of your group.

The deadline to request a table is APRIL 1, 2006.

A few words about table spaces: The Montreal Bookfair doesn't rent out table space; rather we select vendors based on the requests we receive. As well, each vendor does not automatically get one full table; rather, vendors are assigned table spaces (full table, half table, etc). We organize our tables this way because the space in our main auditorium is limited. The cost for table space is 10% of your sales on the day of the Bookfair (to be collected towards the end of the Bookfair). Groups that distribute materials for free can consider a small donation to the Bookfair.

Vendors in 2005 included:

From Montreal: Abraham Guillen (AG) Press • Aequo Animo • Alternative Bookshop Collective • Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) • Anarchist People of Colour (APOC) • Anti-Capitalist Ass Pirates • Anti-Racist Action (ARA) • Artivistic 2005 • Atwater Zine Library • L'Aube Noire • L'Autruche Zine • BD 1984 • Behold DIY • Bloodsisters/La Zone Rouge • Bloquez l'Empire • Bookmobile/Mobilivre • Brown Birthing Network • Le Centre des médias alternatifs du Québec (CMAQ) • CKUT Community News Collective • Cogiteurs Agitateurs • Le Collectif Opposé à la brutalité policière (COBP) • Le Comité Amérique Latine de la CLAC • Le Comité Mexique-Montréal • Le Comité Quartier Sud-Ouest • Conundrum Press • La Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes (CLAC) • CLAC Logement/Le Comité des sans-emploi • Le Comité pour les droits humains en Amérique latine (CDHAL) • Cumulus Press • Les Cyprines • Dead Prince Poster Distribution • Diffusion Maikan • DIRA Bibiothèque Anarchiste/Anarchist Library • Distro-Louise la nouille • Dominion Newspaper • Les Éditions Écosociétés • Les Éditions Rodrigol • La Fédération des communistes libertaires du Nord-Est (NEFAC) • Fishpiss Magazine/Archive Montreal • Le Groupe Communiste Libertaire (GCL) • Haiti Action Montreal • Immigrant Workers Center (IWC) • Head and Hands • L'Index et le majeur • Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM) • Infringement Festival • L'Insoumise • Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) • International Solidarity Movement (ISM) • Le Journal Anarkhia • Kersplebedeb • Libertad • Liberterre • La Librairie Agri-Info • Lickety Split Zine • Les Lucioles • Lux Éditeur/À Babord/Le Couac • La Mauvaise Herbe • Montreal Childcare Collective • No One Is Illegal/Personne n'est illégal • Notes Internationalistes • Open Door Books/Books to Prisoners • QPIRG Concordia • QPIRG McGill • Les Pages Noires • Pandemonium Distribution • Pain, Panais et Liberté (PPL) • Les Panthères Roses • People's Potato • Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombia (PASC) • La Petite Fée • RASH • Red Lion Press • Revolted Zine • La Rue Brique • Smalltown Punks Zine Distribution • La Sociale • Solidarité sans frontières/Solidarity Across Borders • Les Sorcières • Stag Nation • Stella • Streeteaters Zine • Students Taking Action in Chiapas (STAC) • Le Trouble • Twelve Months: The Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar • Volatile Vox Pop • Young Geographers' Society

Outside of Montreal: AK Press (Oakland, California) • Albany Free School (Albany, New York) • Alive and Awol Publications (North Carolina) • Anarchy Magazine (San Francisco) • Anarchist Panther Zine (New York City) • Angry Grrrls (Ottawa and Leuven, Belgium) • Anti-Capitalism for Kids (Hartford, Connecticut) • Arsenal (Chicago) • Arson Records (Kingston, Ontario) • Autonomedia (Brooklyn, New York) • Beehive Design Collective (Maine and Newfoundland) • Biodev Collective (Philadelphia) • Black Burn Zine Distro (Ottawa) • Black Sheep Books (Montpelier, Vermont) • Boshet Records (Israel) • Bread and Puppet Press (Vermont) • Burning River Collective (Cleveland) • Casseurs de Pub (Lyon, France) • Catapult! (Ottawa) • La Conspiration Dépressionniste (Québec) • Crimethinc Ex-Workers' Collective (Olympia, Washington) • Dark Night Field Notes (Maine) • Default to Yes! (Ottawa) • Defenestrator Collective (Philadelphia) • Diffusion Co-errances (Paris) • El Libertario (Venezuela) • La Fédération Anarchiste (France) • Fernwood Books (Halifax) • Friends of Jeff "Free" Luers (New York City) • The G-Spot (Ottawa) • Great Worm Express Distribution (Toronto) • The Icarus Project (New York City) • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW-Outaouais/Ottawa) • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW Philadelphia) • Institute for Social Ecology (Vermont) • June 30th Coalition (Toronto) • Kick It Over (Toronto) • Limpfist (Toronto) • La Mauvaise Graine (Lyon, France) • Midwest Unrest (Chicago) • Mondragon Bookstore (Winnipeg) • NEFAC (Québec, Sherbrooke, St-Georges, Toronto, Vermont, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore) • No Pasaran! (France) • Nordan Editorial (Uruguay) • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (Toronto) • La Page Noire (Québec) • (Chicago) • Punching Out (Toronto) • Purple Thistle Center (Vancouver) • La Question Sociale (Paris) • Radical Reference (Brooklyn, New York) • Raven Used Books (Amherst, Massachusetts) • Rebuild Printing (Toronto) • Red and Black Notes (Toronto) • Réfractions (France) • Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts (Toronto) • South Chicago ABC Zine Distro (Chicago) • South End Press (Boston) • $pread Magazine (New York City) • Stencil Pirates (Chicago) • Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC-Canada) • Womyn 4 Justice (Kingston) • Wooden Shoe Books (Philadelphia) • Uprising Books (Toronto) • Ye Drunken Sailor (Victoria, BC) • Yellow Bike Action Center (Kingston)