Montreal's Anarchist Bookfair

February 18, 2006
Book Launch / Party: Gramsci is Dead! Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements with Richard Day
Location: TBA
In collaboration with Between the Lines Books

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy is the largest anarchist event in North America, and an important exchange of anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas. The Bookfair is for anarchists and non-anarchists alike, in French and English, with participants from all over North America and beyond. Founded in May 2000, the bookfair is now entering its seventh year.

Anarchist Bookfair events include book and information tables, workshops, readings, films, presentations, walking tours and much more. Once again, the Anarchist Bookfair will be followed -- on Sunday, May 21 -- by a full day dedicated to anarchist-themed workshops and presentations. As in the past, a "Festival of Anarchy" will take place during the weeks preceeding the Bookfair, with diverse events organized by anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups and individuals.

Proposal callouts for workshops, presentations, art exhibits, films, Festival of Anarchy events and tables are included in this website, in their respective section. We look forward to your suggestions and contributions!

This year the Bookfair collective will intends to do a mailout of bookfair publicity -- flyers and posters -- this spring.   If you would like to receive bookfair publicity by mail, to distribute in your community, please send your mailing address to: . Also, please specify whether you want publicity materials in English, French or both.

If you are from the Montreal-area, and would like to help with local postering and flyering efforts, please pass on your e-mail and/or phone number to: or 514-859-9090. Also, please specify what areas you can poster.